Compressed Air Dryers

DALGAKIRAN, offers dew points suitable for all application requirements and a perfect drying performance with the DryAir dryers with refrigerant and desiccant type dryers.


DryAir DA Series (Heatless Desiccant)

DALGAKIRAN EBHV Series chillers

DryAir DK HPN Series (with Refrigerant)

DALGAKIRAN EBHV-FC Series chillers

DRD H Series

Many smaller compressors do not use an aftercooler in their designs. Therefore compressed air exits the compressor at about 100 oC temperature. Dalgakıran high temperature dryers incorporate an aftercooler to reduce the inlet temperature, providing efficient dewpoint management.

DALGAKIRAN GRS Series chillers

DRC Series

Dalgakıran Cycling Dryers consume energy dependent on the air flow. The refrigeration system of the dryer cools down the waterglycol mixture up to 1 0C and store that mixture in a stainless steel tank. A small pump circulates the water-glycol mixture to cool down the compressed air. The compressor of the refrigeration system shuts down af.

DALGAKIRAN EBSV Series chillers

DACT Series

Many industries such as electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage require the removal of the residual oil vapors and odors from the compressed air efficiently. DACT series of activated carbon towers ensures oil mist and odor removal from compressed air.

DALGAKIRAN DGSA Series chillers

DryAir DK Series (with Refrigerant)

DALGAKIRAN EBHP Series chillers

DryAir DBP Series (Heated Desiccant)

DALGAKIRAN EBHP Series chillers

DryAir DMD Series (Modular Heatless Desiccant)