DryAir DA Series (Heatless Desiccant)


ModelCapacity*ConnectionVoltageMaximum Working PressureMaximum Ambient TemperatureMaximum Inlet TemperatureIncluded Filter Dimensions (mm)Weight
m3/mincfmSizebar0C0Cand TypeLengthWidthHeightKg
DA 1302.1777G 1” 230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 150 MX+MY+MP8146001312160
DA 1853.08109G 1”230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 200 MX+MY+MP8066001566180
DA 2504.17147G 1”230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 250 MX+MY+MP7727601580200
DA 3005177G 1 ½”230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 300 MX+MY+MP9006901558250
DA 3606212G 1 ½”230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 500 MX+MY+MP9006901558250
DA 4407.33259G 1 ½”230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 500 MX+MY+MP9006981759340
DA 5759.58338G 1 ½”230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 600 MX+MY+MP9006801991500
DA 68011.3400G 2”230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 851 MX+MY+MP9606802216535
DA 85014.2500G 2”230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 851 MX+MY+MP10168572277750
DA 100016.7589G 2”230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 1210 MX+MY+MP107510102386755
DA 125020.8736DN 80230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 1820 MX+MY+MP1294110024131000
DA 150025883DN 80230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 1820 MX+MY+MP1300101025471050
DA 1800301059DN 80230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 1820 MX+MY+MP1513111024791215
DA 220036.71295DN 80230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 2220 MX+MY+MP1460111027931550
DA 2700451589DN 80230V-1-50/60Hz105050GKO 2700 MX+MY+MP1533125228311890
DA 320053.31883DN 100230V-1-50/60Hz105050F 3200 MX+MY+MP1653121230542240
DA 3600602119DN 100230V-1-50/60Hz105050F 4300 MX+MY+MP1653121032682330
DA 440073.32590DN 100230V-1-50/60Hz105050F 4300 MX+MY+MP1905153529103000
DA 500083.32943DN 150230V-1-50/60Hz105050F 6500 MX+MY+MP1843171433823180
DA 63001053708DN 150230V-1-50/60Hz105050F 6500 MX+MY+MP2114169333283450
DA 72001204238DN 150230V-1-50/60Hz105050F 8500 MX+MY+MP2518179530473600
DA 8800146.75179DN 150230V-1-50/60Hz105050F 8500 MX+MY+MP2518179533413850
DA 108001806357DN 200230V-1-50/60Hz105050F 11000 MX+MY+MP2583187537474200

General Information

  • The DryAir range provides dryers with a constant dew point of -40 ° C.
    The DryAir range is designed to provide clean and highly dry compressed air in critical applications.
    The front and end filters are supplied with the dryer to keep the air flow clean and to maintain the integrity of the dryer medium.
    The highly reliable electronic controller guarantees that the dryer runs perfectly during its entire service life.
    DryAirde dryers are equipped with special valves and desiccant material for excellent performance and very low pressure losses compared to competitors.
  • The twin tower design allows the water vapor to be drawn continuously to the surface of the material with the aid of a high crushing resistance and a surface to volume ratio of moisture-absorbing desiccant material.
    The drying process is completed when the bed is passed through the bed of drying material which draws the compressed air to the surface of the nose and the other bed is prepared to draw moisture again with the enlarged discharge air.
    The reconditioning of the desiccant material is carried out without any heat source.
    The wet bed is dried by returning atmospheric pressure to a small portion of the super dry air from the dryer outlet.
    The flow rate of the discharge air can be adjusted to comply with specific outlet air conditions, such as the desired dew point.
    The DryAir range provides pressure balancing prior to the switching process, which prevents line fluctuation and minimizes wear of the dryer material.
    The prepared tower is pressurized step by step and pressurized step by step at the end of the re-preparation period prior to the switching action. The discharge air and the pressure reduction are directed downward to meet the drying air.

    The DryAir range has a reliable electronic controller that ensures that the unit operates without error during its service life.
    The touch PLC unit has the ability to reflect operating cycles and valve states in real time. If possible, the pressurized dew point can also be monitored on the screen.
    The user-friendly multilingual PLC panel helps end users to easily recognize alarms and warnings as well as operating conditions of the system.