Dalgakıran provides sales & aftersales services in many different locations and countries.
With the largest compressor sales and after-sales service network in Turkey, Dalgakıran continues to develop technology and quality to achieve the goal of highest customer satisfaction. Services abroad are provided by dealers and distributors in countries around the globe.
With its extensive sales and after-sales service network, through continuous in-service training and equipment that complies with the ever-developing technology, and with an unconditional customer satisfaction approach that is one of the most important parts of having competitive strength, Dalgakıran ensures that its customers always get unmatched performance from their products.

2nd Hand Sales

Used compressor sales operation (2nd hand operation) is carried out by Dalgakıran HQ, based in Istanbul. Renovated machines with Dalgakıran guarantee offers top performance and longevity.

  • 1-year warranty.
  • Free of charge transportation within Istanbul.

Compressor Replacement System

When you make a new investment and/or require capacity increase, we measure your system, report the results and reduce your initial investment cost by replacing your old compressor with new Dalgakıran compressors that are most suitable for your requirements according to the spesifications of your application.

Servicing for Any Brand of Compressors

Regardless of its brand and model, we provide fast and professional service for any compressor.We provide fast and reliable service, maintenance and troubleshooting support 24/7 using special geniune parts for every brand with our authorized service network throughout Turkey and the know-how of our regional directorates.

General Overhaul service for any brand and model compressors that have reached the overhaul period

  • is provided by Dalgakıran’s Central Service.
  • Warranty of 6 months for parts and 1 year for labour,
  • Free of charge transportation within Istanbul,
  • Free replacement machine support during the overhaul operation.

Optimization of Energy Efficiency

Reducing energy costs and sustainability play a key role in optimizing industrial plants and operating them at an affordable cost. Increasing energy prices and ever-challenging market conditions force all companies to review their energy consumption The profitability of businesses is affected by the efficient use of energy resources

We measure your installed systems on-site to reduce your energy costs, issue reports on your system in detail, and recommend the optimum solution for saving energy. From a to z, we offer professional services by providing consultancy for your compressed air installations, including elimination of losses and leaks.

This service is free of charge when you purchase a new compressor.

Maintenance and Revision

For our customers who we have in our portfolio, we provide 24/7 service, maintenance and breakdown support with original spare parts under the brand of Smart Parts with our authorized services throughout Turkey, and for the machines that have reached the overhaul period, we provide overhaul services with the support of our central service.

  • Warranty of 6 months for parts and 1 year for labour,
  • Free of charge transportation within Istanbul.
  • Free replacement machine support during the overhaul operation.