Dalgakiran compressor fab

Experience of a Half Century

DALGAKIRAN was founded in Istanbul in 1965. Today it is one of the leading companies on the market of compressed air, generator and industrial cooling equipment with its progressive technology, high performance products and customer satisfaction policy.
DALGAKIRAN offers a wide range of compressor equipment to the customers. We produce heavy-duty reciprocating & rotary screw air compressors, reciprocating & rotary screw booster compressors, oil-free air compressors, starting air compressors for marine test facilities and power station applications, pneumatic conveying compressors, air receivers, every kind of compressed air dryers, air filters and compressor room management systems to our customers and business partners in compressed air sector.
The second largest area of ​​DALGAKIRAN’s business is the production of diesel generators. The beginning of their production – 1994. Today DALGAKIRAN is one of the largest European suppliers of generator equipment. Manufacturing with the largest R&D center in Turkey is ISO9001, ISO14001, CE certified. All manufactured diesel generators are tested before dispatch from the factory. When designing diesel generators, special attention is paid to heat exchange and sound insulation. Thanks to this DALGAKIRAN diesel generators have one of the best noise insulation on the market and they are successfully operated in difficult weather conditions.
The third area of DALGAKIRAN’s activity is the production of industrial cooling systems. Chillers and cooling towers are manufactured at the facility equipped with leading technology and boasts large-scale production capacity. The entire process from design and production to delivery and commissioning is strictly regulated to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction. DALGAKIRAN provides optimized solutions for different types of building and productions based on experiences gained in many diverse projects around the world.