Flanged Water Separators

Although these separators are highly efficient, it is not possible to separate 100% of the oil in the air. Line filters shall be used to remove residual oil particles after passing through the separator. These separators, which can be used with a pressure up to 14 bar, have an automatic float system that ensures safe removal of liquid waste.

General Information

These oil separators in the air although they have high efficiency of 100% can use to parse. After passing through the separator, the particles to receive the remaining oil line filters should be used. These separators can be used up to 14 bar pressure, which allows the safe removal of liquid waste which automated buoy system.

To find the highest flow rate, we work with a flow rate of basinic shown in the following table according to the following correction factors multiply.

Condensate evacuation buoys on the filter standard. Electrostatic separator for of the body are painted.