Pressurized Air Filters

Oil and water separators


D MAT Series

Dalgakıran D-Mat & D-Sep Oil/Water separators efficiently separate two phases in between and provides enviromental friendly solution for the users.

DALGAKIRAN EBHV Series chillers

G WS Series

G series offers different models from 1/4” to 3” NPT pipe sizes and up to 2200 m3/h flow rate.

DALGAKIRAN EBHV-FC Series chillers

GO Series

GO series models offer better endurance, higher efficiency with lower pressure drops during filtration process and more connection options to increase connectivity so that they give more comfort to the end users in terms of usability.

DALGAKIRAN GRS Series chillers

HGO series

DALGAKIRAN offers HGO series high pressure compressed air line filters which operate at 50 bars.

DALGAKIRAN EBSV Series chillers

Filter Elements

High efficiency Micro-Glass nano-fiber material (80 times finer than Cellulose Fiber) ensures that higher efficiency target are achieved, and delivers longer service life, and very wide chemical and synthetic lubricant compatibility even at higher operating temperatures.

DALGAKIRAN DGSA Series chillers

Flanged Water Separators

Although these separators are highly efficient, it is not possible to separate 100% of the oil in the air. Line filters shall be used to remove residual oil particles after passing through the separator.

DALGAKIRAN EBHP Series chillers

Mist Eliminator – Oil Mist Separators

Possible filter blockage or damage of the compressor oil seperator going to the system and prevent the risk of the reliability of the system increases.