Filter Elements

High efficiency Micro-Glass nano-fiber material (80 times finer than Cellulose Fiber) ensures that higher efficiency target are achieved, and delivers longer service life, and very wide chemical and synthetic lubricant compatibility even at higher operating temperatures.

General Information

High-efficiency Micro-glass Nano-fiber material of cellulose fiber 80 times more sensitive) to meet the goals of higher yield, longer service life, higher operating temperatures, synthetic oil and chemical compatibility with even very large TVs.

BREAKWATER compressed air filters, compressed air by allowing it to pass through the element in the direction of cross strength and for protection against significant pressure drops while improving performance at the same time, louvered stainless steel helical tubes.

BREAKWATER from 1 microns to 0.01 microns 4-stage offers superior protection. Long lasting and efficient evacuation of the structure elements structure element change with time intervals complied with consistently high performance.

BREAKWATER compressed air filters compatible with synthetic lubricants on the market. Securely mounts with durable epoxy caps to the filter tube, and the compressed air are not affected by synthetic oils.