PET-PLUS Reciprocating Booster Compressor Series

Dalgakıran Pet-Plus new generation booster series compressors are designed to meet all the requirements of the customers with its low energy consumption and compact structure.
These compressors may operate continuously at low operating temperatures with their integrated oil pumps and aluminium combo boilers.


Model Pressure
Capacity – 7 bar (inlet) Capacity – 10 bar (inlet) Capacity – 13 bar (inlet) Motor Power
Connection Size Dimensions (mm) Weight
l/min cfm l/min cfm l/min cfm Length Width Height kg
PET PLUS 25 40 580 4480 158 6160 218 7840 277 18,5/25 G 1” 1380 1100 1030 450
PET PLUS 40 40 580 7024 248 9658 341 12292 434 30/40 G 1” 1485 1100 1030 510
PET PLUS 50 40 580 9696 342 13332 471 16968 599 37/50 G 1 1/2” 1690 1175 1100 745
PET PLUS 60 40 580 11591 409 15937 563 20284 716 45/60 G 1 1/2” 1690 1175 1100 775

General Information

Compressed air (pneumatic energy) for the manufacturing sector is as important an energy source as electricity and hydraulics. Especially in the production of pet bottles which are becoming increasingly widespread nowadays, high pressure air is a necessity in applications such as drive cylinders, presses and fixing apparatuses, in sealing tests in pneumatic and hydraulic devices. Unlike other applications where pressure air is required, in these applications both low pressure and high pressure air reaching 40 bar are used at the same time in enterprises. Therefore, instead of designing the whole pressurized air system according to the high pressure, it is the most suitable solution to increase the air pressure only at high pressure points.

Cast iron castings with high strength suitable for heavy working conditions; An oil level indicator, a blowdown valve and oil fill / drain tapes positioned so easily visible on the sump.
Cooling fin cast iron cylinders and special aluminum alloy top heads help the system operate at lower temperatures.
The spheroidal casting crankshafts and counterweights, provided with dynamic balance, precise production processes, provide long service life.
Special alloyed aluminum pistons and connecting rods provide less heat to the crankshaft with less heat, as well as less pressure on the crankshaft.
Specially designed high-speed concentric valves made from stainless steel in grade 1 provide high air flow capacity, while concentric valves specially designed for high pressure conditions in stage 2 and 3 ensure maximum headroom temperatures at maximum level by keeping airflow at maximum level.
Compression and oil rings help to keep the airflow at maximum level and prevent oil passage.

As a standard in PET-PLUS series compressors, high efficiency IE2 efficiency class IP55 motors are used.
The drive of the crankshaft is directly coupled with the flexible coupling between the compressor block and the main motor.
The special unloading system extends the life of the electric motor and the compressor block.

In order to provide effective cooling in the system, aluminum combi radiators are used in four stages (one for oil cycle, three for each compression stage air) that can reduce compressed air to ambient temperatures.
Only the air guide plate on which the cylinders and top heads are left open, and the deep cooling fins on the cylinders are provided to cool the compressor block in a level that ensures that the compressor operates without stop.
Instead of the lubrication lubrication system, the preferred main engine shaft is directly supported by a hydraulic oil pump to effectively cool the compressor block by turning over the hot parts such as the connecting rod and the crankshaft.

PLC based control and system monitoring with digital display panel
Flexible operation with up to 100 user parameters such as motor switching, inlet-outlet air pressure and temperature, minimum operating pressure, minimum oil pressure and maximum operating temperature
Monitoring of maintenance intervals with 5 different predefined counter structures
Reliable operation with reduced number of mechanical control equipment such as relays and contactors
Remote control possibility with optional GPRS module
Control of up to 8 compressors at the same time with optional co-aging.

Piston compressor block
380V / 3phase / 50Hz IE2 efficiency class IP55 main motor
Automatic evacuation system for unloading
Direct coupling drive system with flexible coupling
Long life bearings
Four-stage aluminum combi boiler radiator
Air intake filter and silencer for idle function
Oil pump lubrication system
Oil level indicator
Special evacuation system to prevent oil blasting

Oil heater
GPRS module for remote control
Multi-compressor control mechanism with coarse aging
IE3 efficiency class main engine
Other input voltage options except 380V / 3phase / 50Hz