DBK Reciprocating Booster Compressor Series

DALGAKIRAN pressurizes the air entering the compressor at 7-13 bar up to 40 bars with the DBK series booster compressors in its production range. The DBK series products have been preferred by pet bottle manufacturers for many years and have been successfully used in many companies.


Model Pressure Capacity (intake) Motor Power Connection Size Dimensions (mm) Weight
Minimum bar – psi Maximum bar – psi 7 bar (inlet) m3/min – cfm 10 bar (inlet) m3/min – cfm 13 bar (inlet) m3/min – cfm kW/HP Length Width Height kg
DBK 10 15 218 40 580 2.1 74 2.89 102 3.67 130 7,5/10 G 1” 1286 825 753 268
DBK 15 15 218 40 580 2.45 87 3.37 119 4.29 152 11/5 G 1” 1286 825 753 285
DBK 20 15 218 40 580 3.71 131 5.1 180 6.49 229 15/20 G 1” 1357 820 758 300
DBK 25 15 218 40 580 4.9 173 6.73 238 8.57 303 18,5/25 G 1 1/4” 1423 874 736 345
DBK 30 15 218 40 580 5.56 196 7.65 270 9.74 344 22/30 G 1 1/4” 1423 881 736 390
DBK 40 15 218 40 580 6.68 236 9.18 324 11.68 413 30/40 G 1 1/4” 1423 972 736 426

General Information

Compressed air (pneumatic energy) for the manufacturing sector is as important an energy source as electricity and hydraulics. Especially in the production of pet bottles which are becoming increasingly widespread nowadays, high pressure air is a necessity in applications such as drive cylinders, presses and fixing apparatuses, in sealing tests in pneumatic and hydraulic devices. Unlike other applications where pressure air is required, in these applications both low pressure and high pressure air reaching 40 bar are used at the same time in enterprises. Therefore, instead of designing the whole pressurized air system according to the high pressure, it is the most suitable solution to increase the air pressure only at high pressure points.

Cast iron castors and cylinders, pistons operated at low speed, corrosion and heat resistant stainless steel valves, cooling finned cylinders and top heads, DALGAKIRAN DBK series ensure long life of high pressure piston air compressors.

The DBK series piston booster air compressors have been produced to work successfully in different application areas. High performance and quality parts used in the manufacture and assembly of products designed to be easily adaptable and user-friendly at every level provide long maintenance intervals and consequently low operating costs.

DALGAKIRAN operates in more than 130 countries worldwide and has more than 100 authorized dealers in Turkey.

Cast iron casters with high strength; A bluff valve, oil fill / drain plugs, and a sump ventilation system, all of which are conveniently located on the sump.
Cooling finned cast iron cylinders and top heads help the system operate at lower temperatures.
Ductile cast iron crankshafts and counterweights designed for dynamic stability, precision manufacturing processes and designed for Lloyd type-approval certification ensure long service life.
High pressure resistant, specially designed suction and discharge valves made of stainless steel are able to withstand high operating temperatures as well as keeping airflow at maximum level.
Compression and oil rings help to keep the airflow at maximum level and prevent oil passage

High efficiency IE2 efficiency class IP55 motors are used as standard in DBK series air compressors.
The drive of the crankshaft is effected by a belt-pulley mechanism selected according to a certain transmission ratio between the compressor block and the main motor.
The belts were selected for a working life of 25,000 hours.
Specially designed fan-type cast iron pulleys dampen vibrations in the body by functioning as a flywheel as well as providing high volume airflow to cool the compressor block.
Easy adjustable belt tension ensures efficient operation of the compressor at all times.
The special unloading system extends the life of the electric motor and the compressor bloc

Inlet air control system
High pressure switch
Manual drain valve
Belt-pulley order
Output pressure manometer

Piston compressor block
380V / 3phase / 50Hz IE2 efficiency class IP55 main motor
Automatic evacuation system for unloading
Belt-pulley mechanism driven system
Special design fan type iron casting pulley
Long life bearings
Air cooled aftercooler
Air intake filter and silencer for idle function
Lubrication lubrication system
Oil level indicator
Special evacuation system to prevent oil blasting
Factory filled oil.

High-pressure air dryer
High pressure air tank made of CE certified P265GH pressure vessel steel
Oil trap air filtration system
Food grade oil option
Electronically controlled star-delta motor drive system
Soft starter
IE3 efficiency class main engine
Other input voltage options except 380V / 3phase / 50Hz