DBK GP Series

DALGAKIRAN pressurizes the air entering the compressor at 7-13 bar up to 40 bars with the DBK GP series booster compressors in its production range. The DBK GP series products have been preferred by PET bottle manufacturers for many years and have been successfully used in many companies.


ModelMaximum PressureCapacity (intake)Motor PowerConnection SizeDimensions (mm)Weight
barpsi7 bar (inlet) L/min7 bar (inlet) cfm10 bar (inlet) L/min10 bar (inlet) cfm13 bar (inlet) L/min13 bar (inlet) cfmkW/HPLengthWidthHeightkg
DBK 10 GP40580209974288610236731307,5/10G 1”143010101025350
DBK 15 GP405802452873371120429015211/15G 1”143010101025400
DBK 20 GP4058037501325150182655023215/20G 1”143010101025410
DBK 25 GP4058048961736732238856830318,5/25G 1 1/4”15001025957440
DBK 30 GP4058055641977650270973634422/30G 1 1/4”15001025957480
DBK 40 GP40580667623691803241168441330/40G 1 1/4”15001025957550
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