Declaration Of Ethics

  • In all our activities, we shall comply with all the national legislation we are subject to, particularly the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, and the international treaties and regulations that the Republic of Turkey is a party to.
  • Reliability, impartiality and independence are the basic principles that guide us in all our business dealings.
  • While looking after the commercial interests and legal rights of the business owners, we acknowledge our primary responsibility in protecting the public interest and manage our businesses with this awareness.
  • We pay due care to take decisions conforming to our responsibilities such as effective use of the national resources and environmental sensibility while utilizing our professional knowledge and skills.
  • We act with meticulousness to ensure that our declarations and reports are truthful and we present such information in an accurate, understandable and timely manner.
  • We take accuracy and transparency as a priority value within all our work processes and dealings.
  • We place emphasis on information security, we do not disclose and private commercial information of our customers, suppliers or any other associated parties, and we do not condone the disclosure thereof by our employees.
  • We equip our managers and employees with the awareness, rules and practices to keep away from conflicts of interest; we prevent and supervise them against obtaining personal interests based on their current positions.
  • We do not allow our employees to give or receive gifts that can influence their impartial decision-making and behaviors.
  • In all our activities and businesses, we place ourselves at an equal distance to any public institution or body, administrative establishment, non-governmental organizations and political parties, without the expectation for any interest.
  • We do not cause nor condone corruption or fraud in our dealings.
  • We do not get involved in unfair competition; we ensure the protection of fair competition and customer rights and develop all our practices accordingly.
  • We do not get involved in unregistered employment; we look out for the health and safety of our employees and support fair employment.
  • We conduct studies to reinforce social solidarity and sensitivity; we act with the awareness of our social responsibilities and share this awareness with our business environment.
  • We develop practices to ensure that all this business ethics, principles, understanding and applications are disseminated to our complete field of impact including our business associates and suppliers.
  • We avoid from behaviors that can damage our professional dignity.
  • We respect the decisions to be given by the Professional Board of Ethics.