DJ-CP Series

Dalgakiran DJ-CP series based on Cooper (India) / Ricardo (UK) diesel engines.
Large range of models from 16,5 to 198 kVA.
Cooper engines are known in the market for their compact size, best-in-class fuel efficiency and lowest maintenance costs. With their supreme design features, Cooper engines have proven their performance efficiency in generators supplied to domestic and international markets. Our engines are being inducted in various other applications like Agriculture, Construction equipment, Marine, Automobiles, Pump, Tractor, and more.


Model Engine Power Dimensions (mm) Weight Fuel tank
Standby Power (ESP) Prime Power (PRP) Canopied Canopied Canopied
kVA kW kVA kW W H L kg liter
DJ17CP 2A2D1C-15 16,5 13,2 15 12 950 1642 1950 725 75
DJ22CP 2A2D1C-20 20 16 18 14,4 950 1642 1950 750 75
DJ28CP 2A2D1A-25 22,7 22 25 20 950 1642 1950 750 75
DJ33CP 2A2D1A-30 33 26,4 30 24 950 1642 1950 770 75
DJ44CP 2A2D1A-40 40 32 36 28,8 950 1642 1950 800 75
DJ70CP 3B2D1C-62,5 68,7 54,9 62,5 50 1126 1650 3226 1750 200
DJ91CP 3B2D1C-82,5 90,7 72,5 82,5 66 1126 1650 3226 1800 200
DJ110CP 4B2D1C-100 110 88 100 80 1126 1720 3626 2150 300
DJ138CP 4B2D1C-125 138 110,4 125 100 1126 1720 3626 2200 300
DJ154CP 6B2D1C-140 154 123,4 140 112 1426 1800 4576 2510 300
DJ176CP 6B2D1C-140 176 140,8 160 128 1426 1800 4576 2950 300
DJ198CP 6B2D1C-140 198 158,4 180 144 1426 1800 4576 3000 300

General Information

The maximum power which a generating set is capable of delivering continuously whilst supplying a constant electrical load. Average load can be 100%. The generator must not be overloaded.

The max power available during a variable electrical power sequence, under the stated operating conditions, for which a generating set is capable of delivering in the event of a utility power outage or under test conditions for up to 200 hrs of operation per year under average of 70% load. Overloading isn’t permissible.

The maximum power which a generating set is capable of delivering continuously whilst supplying a variable electrical load. Average load should be 70%. The generator can be overloaded 10% for 1 hour per 12 hrs/

In Dalgakiran generator sets, leading engine brands that have state of the art technologyand have compliance with ISO 8528, ISO 3046, BS 5514, DIN 6271 standarts, are being used. These engines with low fuel consumption, provide accurate speed setting and order, mount to the fuel pump, also have mechanic or electronic type governors.

In products Dalgakiran produced, leading alternator brands of the world that have state of the art technology, high quality, productivityand durability, are being used. All alternators, which pass necessary test process and found appropriate according to EC 60034-1; CEI EN 60034-1; BS 4999-5000; VDE 0530, NF 51- 100,111; OVE M-10, NEMA MG 1.22.standarts, have bearing system that does not need maintenance, with electronic type voltage regulator providing voltage setting.

Standard control panel, that is used in Dalgakiran generator sets, ensures comfortable and safe usage. All measured and statistical parameters, operating modes, notice and alarms and condition of generator, are monitored easily from the control panel. On the front of the panel’s metal bodyhas electronic control module and the emergency stop button and the panel’s metal body is made of steel sheet and is painted with electrostatic powder paint. Dalgakiran offers panel design and solutionsthatcomply with special requirements ofcustomersas wellas qualitystandard panels.

Chassisis manufactured from steel that has featuresand durability forcarrying burden of generatorset. Thanks to its rigid structural design and anti-vibration mounts, it reduces vibration level to minimum. All chass is contain lifting lugs. Apart from chass is esthatare produce by Dalgakiran, special solutions that design in accordance with customer desires, make transportation and positioning easier.

System, that consists of quality industrial – type radiator, expansion tank and cooler fan, keeps the temprature of generator set’s equipments constant at a proper level.

Some Optional Equipments that Dalgakiran provides with Generator Sets;

  • Medium voltage alternator,
  • Remote radiator applications,
  • Automatic fuel filling system,
  • Fuel tank, oil pan, dashboard,alternator, coil heaters,
  • Alternator with double AVR and PMG,
  • Synchronization systems,
  • The generator output breaker,
  • Grid-generator transfer switches,
  • Accordance with the specific volume of demand-insulated cabins,
  • Seismic solutions,
  • Trailer,
  • Remote monitoring.

Dalgakiran Standard Canopies’ default featuresare as follows;

  • Compatible with 2000/14/EC directives, certified noise emissionlevel,
  • 2 or 4 points transport possibility according to cabin size,
  • Hidden exhaust inside the canopy,
  • Emergency stop button located on the canopy,
  • Improved air suction channel to ensure homogenous cooling in the canopy,
  • Radiator air outlet and exhaust with designed towardsabove,
  • Lid on cab that provides to be filled up water and antifreeze easilyto the radiator,
  • Amplified paint system against corrosion and rust,
  • Improved performance in terms of sound insulation,
  • Demounted parts that make transportation and maintenance easier,

As well as the standard range of canopies, Dalgakiran can also design tailormade canopies with specific sound level or size upon customer requests

  • The Control Panel is a next generation genset control unit combining multi-functionality and wide communication possibilities together with a reliable and low cost design.
  • The unit complies and mostly exceeds world’s tightest safety, EMC, vibration and environmental standards for the industrial category.
  • Software features are complete with easy firmware upgrade process through USB port. The Windows based PC software allows monitoring and programming through USB, RS-485, Ethernet and GPRS.
  • The PC and server based Rainbow Scada software allows monitoring and control of an unlimited number of gensets from a single central location.
  • AMF unit with uninterrupted transfer
  • ATS unit with uninterrupted transfer
  • Remote start controller
  • Manual start controller
  • Engine controller
  • Remote display & control unit
  • Waveform display of V & I
  • Harmonic analysis of V & I
  • CTs at genset or load side
  • Web monitoring
  • Web programming
  • e-mail
  • USB Device
  • RS-232
  • J1939-CANBUS
  • 2 phase 3 wires, L1-L2
  • 2 phase 3 wires, L1-L3
  • 3 phase 3 wires, 3 CTs
  • 3 phase 3 wires, 2 CTs (L1-L2)
  • 3 phase 3 wires, 2 CTs (L1-L3)
  • 3 phase 4 wires, star
  • 3 phase 4 wires, delta
  • 1 phase 2 wires