DJ 8000 DG Series

The DALGAKIRAN DJ 8000 DG Series portable diesel generator is designed for 12 hours of continuous operation, which should be enough to last most emergency or scheduled power outages. The relatively compact size and light weight make it easy to transport and move if necessary, and the high-quality air filter allows the generator to be operated even in inhospitable field conditions.

Model line

Diesel generators of the DJ 8000 DG series are represented by the following models:

  • DALGAKIRAN DJ 8000 DG-E is a basic model with an open body weighing 115 kg.
  • DALGAKIRAN DJ 8000 DG-E3 – basic model with an open case, 3f/400V.
  • DALGAKIRAN DJ 8000 DG-EC is a model in a noise-proof casing weighing 160 kg.

As an additional option, the diesel generator can be supplied with an ATS-50A automatic reserve input shield. This option is especially relevant for small businesses, which will allow the generator to automatically turn on when the mains power fails.


Model DJ 8000 DG E DJ 8000 DG E3 DJ 8000 DG EC
Peak power kVA / kW 8,8 / 7
Capacity power kVA / kW 8 / 6,4
Dalgakiran Engine
Model 192 FGE (4-stroke engine)
Engine speed rpm 3000
Engine power h.p. 13
Number of cylinders 1
Working volume of the engine sm3 499
The volume of the fuel tank L 15
Length mm 740
Width mm 500
Height mm 630
Weight kg 115 160

General Information

  • Air cooling;
  • Electric starter;
  • Easy start with a decompressor;
  • Low fuel consumption and long autonomy;
  • Oil capacity – 1.65 l;
  • Availability of consumables and spare parts;
  • Glow plug for easy starting in winter.

  • Meets IEC 34-1 standards;
  • Maximum power: 8.8 kVA;
  • Output voltage 230 V;
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator;
  • Protective overload capacity: 1 hour 110%, 2 minutes 120%;
  • Short circuit protection: 10 sec 300%;
  • Insulation resistance: 1800 V;
  • Frequency: 50 Hz;
  • The power factor (cos.Fi) is 0.8.
  • Voltmeter;
  • 12 V output;
  • Automatic switch for protection of direct current circuits;
  • Thermal circuit breaker for protection of alternating current circuits;
  • Socket 1×32 A with a protective cover;
  • Socket 1×16 A with a protective cover;
  • Fuel level sensor;
  • Start/Stop switch;
  • Engine hours counter;
  • Adaptation to automation.