T3 Series

The T3 series is the newest model range in the middle segment between the TRE and TRX series. With the T3 series, IHI DALGAKIRAN offers products with optimized specifications for customers around the world thanks to its aerodynamic design, low maintenance requirements and easy installation.
T3 series consists of vital components, such as air cooler, main motor, control panel, gear box, suction filter and all these will be fitted into one compact package. This simple design allows for smaller installation space and shorter installation time. The structure of the robust gear box provides the customers with high reliability by utilizing tilting pad journal bearing, customized core parts(Impeller, diffuser). These parts are designed with anti-wearing technology, built for long life and stable operation.


Motor Size 750kW-1,320kW 1,000-1,760hp
Flow Rate 8,200-13,800m3/h 4,826-8,122cfm
Discharge Pressure 0.2-1.5MPaG 30—215psig
Dimensions Length 4,600-5,700mm
Width 2.250-2,500mm
Height 2,000-3,000mm
Weight 10,000-16,000kg

General Information

IHI has more than 1,500 aero parts design for the most optimized centrifugal compressors to meet customers’ requirements. The aerodynamic design has been analyzed by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) method, same as we use when designing jet engines and turbo chargers.

By supplying the most suitable centrifugal compressors , IHI can contribute to energy saving for your plant, as well as reducing life cycle cost dramatically.

  • Compressor Frame. The gear case and air coolers are casted together in a single, robust and compact structure. The compressor unit and air paths are surrounded by a thick, seamless wall that is also highly effective in reducing noise levels.
  • Suction Filter. The suction filter uses a cartridge type element, which allows for easy replacement.
  • Air coolers. To ensure the stable operation of the compressor, the coolers need to be cleaned periodically. The air coolers mounted on IHI centrifugal compressors are designed to allow water to flow along the pipes, and its simple structure makes cleaning very easy.
  • Inlet Guide Vane. With the inlet guide vane(inlet throttle valve), air supply can be controlled in accordance with consumption. Further, the inlet guide vane enhances efficiency by providing preswirl flow to the air taken into the compressor in the same rotative direction as the impeller.
  • Tilting pad journal bearing. Tilting pad journal bearing, which realize high-speed and stable operation, are adopted. Pad tilt will change in accordance with bearing load changes, which provides excellent compliance with load change in the compressor.
  • Impeller. The three dimensional impeller, designed by making the fullest use of IHI’s extensive experience and cutting edge CFD technology, enables world top class efficiency and a wide operating range. The use of both titanium and high strength stainless steel means there is no need to worry about wear or corrosion.
  • Diffuser. The velocity energy imparted to air by the rotation of the impeller is efficiently converted into pressure energy by the diffuser. Because the impeller and diffuser are analyzed together using cutting edge CFD technology, air turbulence is kept to an absolute minimum, and operating noise is extremely low.
  • Labyrinth seal. For the air seal and oil seal, the labyrinth type, which has no contact with the shaft, is adopted, so there is no wear resulting from operation and no periodic replacement is required.

IHI has continued to dominate the Japanese centrifugal compressor market for a long period of time, owing to our superior technological advantage. In IHI’s history, the quality of centrifugal compressors has been enhanced with strict requirements from leading Japanese companies which includes automotive, semiconductor, iron and steel, refinery, petrochemical, air separation and food industries.
At present, there are over 8,000 IHI centrifugal compressors at work throughout the world. Based on the customers’ needs in all over the world, IHI will continuously look to develop our centrifugal compressors to meet each customer’s ever changing needs.

IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressors provide 100% oil free air for the customers. These are classified by TÜV, the independent third-party testing center in Germany, as oil-free according to the latest ISO8573-1 class 0 that is the highest degree in terms of compressed air purity, and they minimize the risk of oil contamination in your products or in the products of your customers.
IHI DALGAKIRAN continues to be a dominant force in the Japanese centrifugal compressor market thanks to its superior technological advantage. IHI DALGAKIRAN’s history The quality of centrifugal compressors in DALGAKIRAN has been shaped by the strict requirements of the leading companies in automotive, semiconductor, iron and steel, refinery, petrochemical, air separation and food industries.