RSC Series

Dalgakiran RSC series compressors are designed to meet the pressurized air requirements of rail system vehicles. With these products that are specially designed for customers considering varying demands of each manufacturer, Dalgakiran is a reliable supporter for the manufacturers of rail systems (trains, trams).


MODELPressureCapacity*Motor PowerConnection sizeDimensions (mm)WeightNoise**
RSC 4S10145310113/4G 1/2”110088648512567
TIDY 7D-M7100650235,5 / 7G 1/2”100055062520569
RSC 1010145800287,5 / 10G 1/2”132894054023569
RRC 281151304.61,1 / 1.5G 1/2”110088648511572

General Information

Long maintenance intervals and low maintenance costs Optional installation on the cars (on the car, inside the car or under the car) Quiet operation, low vibration Light and compact structure Reliable and durable Directly-coupled drive system CE Certified air tanks complying with SPVD (Simple Pressure Vessel Directive) and designed as per EN 286-3 standard

Directly coupled with the elastic coupling.

Quiet and efficient axial fan directly connected to the main motor.

Cartridge type mechanical dryer that separates oil particles and aerosols.Easy-to-detach spin-on type separator.

Oil separator filter. Minimum pressure valve. Thermostatic valve

Compact distribution panel integrated to the body. Simple and effective motor starting system. 24 DC control system

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