DVK Series

Simple, Reliable and Robust design. Easy to maintenance and durable. Oil injected rotary screw compressor. Responds the all requirements between 45 to 160 kw. Proven design and reliability with tens of thousands of compressors used in field.


ModelPressureCapacity*Motor PowerConnectionDimensions (mm)WeightNoise**
DVK 607.51107.225445/60G 1 1/4”15751030175087675
DVK 757.51109.633955/75G 1 1/2”200012001810134076
DVK 1007.511012.443875/100G 1 1/2”200012001810161078
DVK 1257.511015.855790/125G 2”250014002037224079
DVK 1507.511018.8664110/150G 2”250014002037250079
DVK 1807.511022.8805132/180G 2 1/2”250018052000287379
DVK 2207.511027.4968160/220G 2 1/2”250018052000303079

General Information

DVK series air compressors have been produced in order to work successfully in different application areas. High performance and quality parts used in the manufacture and assembly of products designed to be easily adaptable and user-friendly at every level provide long maintenance intervals and consequently low operating costs.

DALGAKIRAN operates in more than 130 countries worldwide and has more than 100 authorized dealers in Turkey.

New generation of screw blocks, designed with the benefit of the latest technology such as “Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)” and “Finite Element Method (FEM)” and manufactured with advanced manufacturing techniques, new rotor profile and lobe combination provide high efficiency, It offers consumption.
There is a new generation of ball bearing tilt system with 3 times more load carrying capacity than standard designs.
With the optimal lobe combination, the new rotor profile allows less air escape and reduces torque requirements, resulting in a significant reduction in energy costs.
Gearboxes are used by American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) standards.

High efficiency 380V / 3 phase / 50Hz IE2 IP55 motors are used as standard in DVK series.
The driving of the screwdriver gearbox shaft is carried out directly between the screw block and the main motor via a flexible coupling with a 1: 1 transmission.
Since there are no belt-transfer losses in the direct coupling system, it is up to 3% more efficient than the belt-pulley mechanism and there is no maintenance problem.
By not using the belt-pulley mechanism, noise and vibration levels are noticeably reduced.

FEM and “Fluid Dynamics”.
The main feature of the suction regulator is that it is designed to meet all the needs of the user in terms of performance and maintenance. Suction regulator provides reliable working performance up to 8000 hours with the use of first class materials in manufacturing, reduced number of gaskets in design.

Visible drop in dimensions due to the lack of piston or spring design makes it possible for the regulator valve to be opened and closed only by air and to be absorbed in this way. (TIDY 3-20)

The air intake fan creates a turbo effect, which helps to increase the capacity as well as providing effective cooling. (TIDY 3-20)

The simple design of the suction regulator, which consists of three control block units, a solenoid valve and a control cylinder, ensures that periodic maintenance is easy. (TIDY 20B-50)

The suction valve promises low pressure drops and high performance with a fully upright position, almost straight and unidirectional air flow, a new profile design and a 25% increase in air exit area when the suction valve is open. (TIDY 20B-50)

The two-stage air intake filter system, consisting of a replaceable microfiber glass front panel filter and cassette-type air inlet filter with interchangeable paper elements, minimizes problems that may occur in dusty environments by providing fresh air for the screw block and cooling system.

It achieves a more efficient decomposition at a lower volume with deep-bedded separating layers.
It has a performance design that provides 3-step decomposition.
After separation, a low oil solubility of 3 mg / m3 is obtained.

Main motor and fan motor overcurrent control
Phase sequence, deficiency and imbalance control
Main motor temperature control with PTC
Screw extreme temperature control system
High pressure control system
Separator pollution warning system
Air filtration pollution warning system
High pressure relief valve
Separator tank safety valve
Emergency stop button
Service warning system

It has an LCD control panel that shows the operation and service functions in a way that everyone can easily understand.
Mechanical safety systems are supported by PLC controlled safety switches and relays.
In electric panel design, brands which offer quality products in world standards have been preferred.

Canopy design requiring minimum working area
Ergonomic design that provides ease of maintenance and allows easy intervention at every point of the machine
Service closures that can be easily removed
Vibration chocks made of special rubber that eliminate vibration and the problems it may cause
Stainless and puncture resistant electrostatic powder paint
Non-flammable canopy cover minimizing sound level

Highly efficient screw block
380V / 3phase / 50Hz IE2 energy class IP55 main motor
Belt-pulley mechanism driven system
Detachable acoustic canopy
Rigid chassis base
U3 standard micro glass fiber pre-filter
Air / oil separator and tank providing maximum oil solubility of 3 mg / m3
Dry-type air filtration at 3 micron resolution
Full flow oil filtration at 10 micron resolution
Electropneumatic charge-empty suction valve
Minimum pressure valve
Thermostatic valve
Quick relief valve and silencer
Motor drive system with star-delta connection
LCD panel PLC control unit
4000 hours working life with factory-filled oil

Water cooling system
Air + water (Hybrid) cooling system with heat recovery
Oil heater
Water separator
Food grade oil use
Soft starter
Variable speed drive (VSD) for fan motor (except water cooled models)
IE3 efficiency class main engine
Other input voltage options except 380V / 3phase / 50Hz

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