Single and Double Stage Reciprocating Compressor Series

Simple to use, safe and durable reciprocating compressors are perfect for small sized businesses, workshop or industrial applications. The reciprocating compressors produced and used since 1969. and they are the basis of confidence in DALGAKIRAN.


Single Stage ModelDepot / LitreBarPiston Displacement L / minMotor Power kW / HPAir ConnectionDimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
D 2-100 D10081781,5/22 x G¼”450110082081
D 3-200 D20082902,2/32 x G¼”4501445965120
D 4-30025085013/41 x G¼” + 1 x G¾”45017451000147
D 5,5-30025086494/5,52 x G¼” + 1 x G¾”45017451030180
D 5,5-50050086494/5,52 x G¼” + 1 x G¾”64019151260264
D 7,5-50050089715,5/7,52 x G¼” + 1 x G¾”64019151350283
D 10-500500812227,5/102 x G¼” + 1 x G¾”64019151370297
D 15-5005008176611/152 x G¼” + 1 x G¾”70018401520465
Double Stage ModelDepot / LitreBarPiston Displacement L / minMotor Power kW / HPAir ConnectionDimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
D 2-100 MT10012.51451,5/22 x G¼”450104082086
D 3-200 MT20012.51452,2/32 x G¼”4501445965132
D 4-300 T25012.53343/41 x G¼” + 1 x G½”45017551000167
D 5,5-300 T25012.53244/5,52 x G¼” + 1 x G¾”45017551030198
D 5,5-500 T50012.53244/5,52 x G¼” + 1 x G¾”64019101255330
D 7,5-500 T50012.56475,5/7,52 x G¼” + 1 x G¾”64019101275350
D 10-500 T50012.57267,5/102 x G¼” + 1 x G¾”64019101355365

General Information

Cast iron castors and cylinders, pistons operated at low speeds, corrosion and heat resistant stainless steel valves, cooling finned cylinders and top heads, DALGAKIRAN DKK series ensure long life of high pressure piston air compressors.

Single and double stage reciprocating air compressors have been produced in order to work successfully in different application areas. High performance and quality parts used in the manufacture and assembly of products designed to be easily adaptable and user-friendly at every level provide long maintenance intervals and consequently low operating costs.

DALGAKIRAN operates in more than 130 countries worldwide and has more than 100 authorized dealers in Turkey.

Heavy duty cast iron casters have an oil level indicator, a bleed valve and oil fill / drain plugs, which are easily visible.
Cooling finned iron casting rollers and top heads ensure that the system does not heat up.
The spheroidal casting crankshaft with dynamic balance and precision production processes provides long service life.
Special alloyed aluminum pistons and connecting rods provide less heat to the crankshaft with less heat, as well as less pressure on the crankshaft.
Specially designed finger-type high-pressure suction-discharge valves made of stainless steel are resistant to high operating temperatures as well as keeping airflow at maximum level.
Compression and oil rings help to keep the airflow at maximum level and prevent oil passage.

Single and double stage reciprocating air compressors use high efficiency IE2 efficiency class IP55 motors as standard.
The drive of the crankshaft is effected by a belt-pulley mechanism selected according to a certain transmission ratio between the compressor block and the main motor.
The belts were selected for a working life of 25,000 hours.
Specially designed fan-type cast iron pulleys dampen vibrations in the body by functioning as a flywheel as well as providing high volume airflow to cool the compressor block.
Easy adjustable belt tension ensures efficient operation of the compressor at all times.

Solenoid relief valve for unloading (up to 4 kW models)
Pressure switch
Belt-pulley order
Safety valve

Piston compressor block
Air tank made of CE certified P265GH pressure vessel steel
380V / 3phase / 50Hz IE2 efficiency class IP55 main motor
Belt-pulley mechanism driven system
Special design fan type pulley
Long life bearings
Air intake filter and silencer
Lubrication lubrication system
Oil level indicator
Factory filled oil

Automatic condensate drain valve for air tank
Thermal magnetic switch (up to 4kW models)
Motor drive system with star-delta connection (5.5 to 7.5 kW models)
Soft starter
IE3 efficiency class main engine
Other input voltage options except 380V / 3phase / 50Hz