Dalgakıran has produced its own designs since its creation and has turned this distinctiveness into one of its basic principles. The requirement to design our own products, as well as technological improvements and company policies, has led to the foundation of the R&D department. Dalgakıran R&D takes part of supporting project solutions with the development of new products and technologies as well as contributing to the engineering, implementation and documentation needs of the production line.

The R&D staff, totaling 25 individuals employed on full-time basis, consists of engineers and highly experienced designers and technicians with a doctorate, master or bachelor’s degree. Thanks to its expertise, the R&D team works on machines that will lead future technology as well as today’s. Working on these objectives, our R&D department improves every day by continuously expanding its staff with individuals who have adopted success as a principle, paving the way to being the pride of our company and our country. Moreover, by continuously expanding our R&D staff in line with our objectives, we have become the first and only R&D center in Turkey in the field of compressor and compressed air technologies, our area of expertise.

From the initial idea all the way to production stage, all engineering calculations, three dimensional designs, analysis studies, prototype studies, severe conditions performance tests, acoustic tests, thermal tests, lifecycle tests, electrical and functional tests of new product studies, are performed by Dalgakıran R&D department using its state-of-the-art software and test/measurement equipment.

Dalgakıran R&D has been responsible for Dalgakıran’s high technology product awareness throughout 40 projects, 15 new products and 3 joint projects with TUBITAK – one of which is completed – for the last 3 years. Projects performed in cooperation with TUBITAK provide a scientific perspective to Dalgakıran and improve its R&D culture.

The key to Dalgakıran’s continuous improvement and leading position is the strategic importance it assigns to R&D. Dalgakıran has invested heavily in order to remain up-to-date on new developments in the world and on site. Our ambition is to manufacture high-quality, superior machines using our own technology. Dalgakıran dedicates 2% of its turnover to R&D expenditures, paving the way towards its objective of being among the top five compressor manufacturers in the world strengthening its competitive position in the sector.

Producing Secure Compressors

Producing secure compressors is our first priority. Dalgakıran’s research and development studies on compressor security encompass both active and passive security. These studies start with an analysis of human behavior, which is followed by technology development aiming to improve the interaction between humans and machines and, as a result, ensure secure operation. Moreover, prototypes of new models must pass strict security tests prior to their manufacturing. All Dalgakıran products, which are CE certified, are subjected to machine directive and security tests such as LV (Low Voltage) and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) to obtain electrical certification.