Security Management System

As DALGAKIRAN, we consider corporate information as a valuable asset and in order to protect the informative assets of our employees, partners and customers, we aim to;

  • Minimize the damages due to information security and taking actions to prevent them to reoccur by managing the information security effectively.
  • Reduce the likelihood of experiencing information security violations and to respond in a co-ordinated manner in the event it is experienced
  • Avoid interruptions that can be experienced in critical business processes, in the event it can not be avoided, to become operable in the targeted recovery time and to provide business continuity,
  • Comply with all legal legislation on information security and contracts signed with third parties (partners, customers, suppliers),
  • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information assets of our customers within the scope of Information Security Management System,
  • Protect our reputation and brand value under our employees, customers, suppliers and public,
  • Possess the competency to quickly intervene with the information security issues that may occur and the impact of the issues,
  • Provide information security management training to all personnel and ensuring the awareness,
  • Ensure that Information Security Management System is improving continuously.

When the policies are determined on Information Security;

While information is being processed, communicated and maintained, it is told that confidentiality, integrity and accessibility will be taken as basis and risk management approach is also emphasized.