Our Integrated Management System Policy


All the employees of the company adopted as corporate culture the Integrated Management System that Dalgakıran has created for respecting people and the environment and mobilizing creativity and for the healthy communication and integration of employees. The quality practices that are implemented in every aspect of the life of the company raise the quality of life of the employees, increase the customer satisfaction, increase the market share and contribute to the community life.

 In order for our products and services, which is primary target of our organization, to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction, our Integrated Management System aims at ensuring that risk-based thinking is created and disseminated at all levels and that risks are properly managed to ensure continuous improvement in all processes and management system implementations, deeply understanding and evaluating the expectations of our internal and external stakeholders on a global scale. Effective measurement and monitoring of process performance, internal audit method and process efficiency are regularly followed.

With the awareness that employee satisfaction, which is one of the most important values ​​of our organization and which forms the basis of customer satisfaction, competencies are aimed to be increased with behavioural and technical trainings to adapt and extend behaviour of quality awareness, inquisitive perspective, continuous development – innovation, tendency of co-operation, solution partnership, dynamism and flexibility.

As a result of our expanding product and service network and our geographical presence, which is required to be a global brand, the integrated management system is responsible for monitoring the compliance obligations within the continuous autocontrol mechanism in view of the need to demonstrate the ability to provide products and services that meet all national and international legislative requirements and other necessary conditions that all our target countries and product portfolios will require.

 With the goal of becoming a world class company in the machinery sector, Dalgakıran carries out environmental reviews in its production facilities, production lines and products.

In the light of the integrated system policy based on compliance with legal obligations, responsibilities and other relevant conditions, including environmental aspects, which require continuous environmental improvement; our organization has adapted the task of preserving the environment and natural life on behalf of future generations, respecting the health and safety of employees, customers and the local community, who are affected by products and services within the concept of life cycle. In order to use natural resources efficiently, we are continuing to put onto the market environment-friendly and low-energy products, starting from the design phase of products, services and operations With the promotion of the use of new technology, sustainable use of resources, saving energy, water and natural resources, taking all the precautions to prevent environmental pollution are encouraged in all of our production areas. We work with the participation of all our employees, works are carried out to reduce at source, dispose, reuse, recover and recycle waste.

Our organization ensures that resources are made available for all necessary measures to be taken to make available for our stakeholders resources needed for the creation, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of environmental awareness. It determines the competence of the employees to fulfil all performance and compliance obligations and ensures and monitors their competence taking into account appropriate training and experience.

Dalgakıran is, with an understanding of total quality, aware that positive approach to health and safety  is essential for effective and efficient management. Therefore, it places importance on the evaluation and management of potential impacts of the risks on employees, visitors, subcontractors, drivers, and other personnel in the workplace. Our aim is to prevent the dangerous, health and safety conditions that may arise during the activities of Dalgakıran; to prevent injuries, health deterioration and to create a healthier and safer working environment. Occupational health and safety are an indispensable part of our employees and an indispensable part of our work. In this context, our goal is to completely prevent all risks related to health and safety in the activities carried out, to create the safe environment in Dalgakıran’s production facility, to raise awareness of all its employees and to have a world-class occupational health and safety system.

Our Integrated Management System Policy


All company employees adopted as corporate culture the Integrated Management System established towards respect for mankind and environment, mobilizing creativity, employees’ establishing healthy communication and integration. Quality applications put into practice at every field of corporate life raises life quality of the employees, ensure increasing customer satisfaction, increase market share and contribute to community life.

Meeting national and international legislative terms in force and other required terms, all obligations of compliance,

  • providing our customers with products at quality they desire, in full and on time,
  • to train our employees for the sake of ensuring health and safety with quality, environmental consciousness and gaining awareness,
  • to monitor, measure performance of management systems, constantly working in order to boost performance according to results of such monitoring and measurement and realizing constant improvement,
  • demonstrating ability to provide products and services regularly, to ensure customer satisfaction at top level,
  • to ensure participation and consultation of our employees, and suppliers to all our processes,
  • ensuring environmental protection during operation of our processes, preventing pollution by eliminating and reducing environmentally harmful impacts,
  • creating a safe and healthy work space for our employees, eliminating hazards, reducing risks,

The policy is in the quality of a framework for designation of our targets, it was made open to access by general public and all relevant parties, announced to our employees and relevant parties, its continuity is ensured and reviewed periodically. We undertake to fulfill requirements of this policy together with all our employees.