GO Series

GO series pressurized air line filters are designed to fulfil the current filtration requirements in the pressurized air industry. GO series models offer better endurance, higher efficiency with lower pressure drops during filtration process and more connection options to increase connectivity so that they give more comfort to the end users in terms of usability.

GO series filters have 4 different models with NPT/BSP port sizes from ¼” to 3” from with a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar and a filtration efficiency up to 0.01 microns.

A protected auto float drain with 2mm orifice is standard in all models for reliable contaminant removal operation.

Zero-porosity aluminium body and durable epoxy powder-coat finish, along with a corrosion-resistant internal coating provides longer service life.

Different filter combinations may be created to meet specific application requirements.

GO series filters comply with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) of European Union and provide the performance characteristics in accordance with ISO 8573 standards.

DALGAKIRAN suggests the usage of differential pressure gauges together with the GO series filters for ease of maintenance and on-time energy-saving measures.


Model Capacity Connection Size Maximum working Pressure Element Model Housing Dimensions (mm)
m3/min cfm bar A B C D
GO 25 0.42 15 G ½” 20 MO25 102 214.5 192.5 45
GO 50 0.83 29 G ½” 20 MO50 102 214.5 192.5 45
GO 100 1.67 59 G ½”” 20 MO100 102 252.5 230.5 45
GO 150 2.5 88 G 1” 20 MO150 123 297.5 270.5 45
GO 200 3.33 118 G 1” 20 MO200 123 361.5 334.5 45
GO 250 4.17 147 G 1” 20 MO250 123 401.5 374.5 45
GO 300 5 177 G 1 ½” 20 MO300 123 458 422.5 45
GO 500 8.33 294 G 1 ½” 20 MO500 123 488 452.5 45
GO 600 10 353 G 1 ½” 20 MO600 123 533 497.5 45
GO 851 14.2 501 G 2” 20 MO851 160 622.5 581 45
GO 1210 20.2 712 G 2” 20 MO1210 160 692.5 651 45
GO 1520 25.3 895 G 3” 20 MO1520 194 725.5 669 45
GO 1820 30.3 1071 G 3” 20 MO1820 194 865 808 45
GO 2220 37 1307 G 3” 20 MO2220 194 919.5 863 45
GO 2700 45 1589 G 3” 20 MO2700 194 1063.5 1007 45

General Information

The GO series compressed air line filters are designed to meet the filtration needs of today’s compressed air industry. The GO series models provide flexibility and convenience in terms of usability for end users by offering higher durability, lower pressure losses and higher efficiency with more connection options in order to increase connectivity.
GO series filters have a maximum working pressure of 16 bar with 4 different models offering particle filtration resolutions up to 0.01 micron and connection options from ¼ “to 3” NPT / BSP sizes.
Protected automatic gutter evacuation with 2mm mouth diameter is standardized to provide reliable particle filtration operation.
The non-porous aluminum body, durable epoxy powder coating and corrosion-resistant inner surface coating offer a long service life.
Different filter combinations can be created to meet specific application needs.
GO series filters are manufactured to the European Union’s Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and have a performance characteristic of the ISO 8573 standard.
DALGAKIRAN recommends the use of a differential pressure manometer with GO filters to ensure easy maintenance and timely energy saving measures.

Durable element structure with superior filtration from 1 micron to 0.01 micron, and efficient evacuation layers promise continuous high filtration performance if element replacement is made in time.

Deep curved structure allows lower pressure losses to occur.
The high impact resistance created by the use of a corrugated stainless steel tube counteracts pressure drops while increasing the performance of the compressed air diagonally through the element.
PVC-impregnated foam helps air / water removal.

The top clamping function allows the filters to be connected in series without additional piping.

The crucial innovation for users is the zero clearance application, which allows the filter housing to be removed manually without using any tools.

The evacuation system rods help the airborne nodule to be collected and removed from the system.

Don’t anodized against corrosion resistance, it gives the product at the highest level. Improvement and surface anodized, chrome plating is much more effective than other methods such as Hello. For comparison, test reports contact breakwater.

The maximum flow rate required to calculate operating flow rate pressure multiply by the correction factor corresponding to the table value.

Elements in a class should not be used in the oil saturated cases.
A class is used to ensure the continuity of efficient filtering elements in accordance with the application and/or every 6 months, should be replaced when the usage period expires.
Certain gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is not a class filter elements. In case of any instability, please contact the sales team please contact breakwater.
Flow rates are given for a working pressure of 7 bar. The values of the correction factor for flow at different working pressures, use the table.
Air filters are suitable for use with mineral and synthetic oils.
Counter-type pressure gauges from go2700 until go25 offered as standard.
All of the filters Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) compliance with indicates.