DJ-CU Series

Dalgakiran DJ-CU series based on Cummins Power diesel engines. Robust, flexible, and fully integrated power on demand or full-time, in a global economy where the power is always on, 24/7.


Model Engine Alternator Power Dimensions (mm) Weight Fuel tank
Standby Power (ESP) Prime Power (PRP) Canopied Open Skid Canopied Open Skid Canopied Open Skid
kVA kW kVA kW W H L W H L kg kg liter liter
DJ 825 CU VTA28-G6 DJ 52000 825 660 750 600 1468 2179 3934 5844 TBA 1000
DJ 1100 CU KTA38-G14 DJ 63400 1132 906 1029 823 1785 2229 4470 8380 TBA TBA
DJ 1400 CU KTA50-G3 DJ 70000 1400 1120 1250 1000 2000 2238 5105 2438 2896 5105 17450 9630 TBA TBA
DJ 1700 CU KTA50-G8 DJ 71250 1650 1320 1400 1120 2033 2330 5811 10967 2000

General Information

Cummins diesel generators time-tested ability to achieve 100% load acceptance with best-in-class controls, data center customers can be confident they are purchasing power generation systems at the leading edge of reliability and dependability.

The KTA50-Series benefits from years of technical development and improvement to bring customers an innovative and future proof
diesel engine that keeps pace with ever changing generator set requirements.
Recognized globally for its performance under even the most severe climatic conditions, the KTA50-Series is widely acknowledged as the most robust and cost-effective diesel engine in its power range for the generator set market.
Products are supplied complete with cooling package and air
cleaner kit for a complete power package. Each component has been specifically developed and rigorously tested for G-Drive products, ensuring high performance, durability and reliability.

  • Dependable Cummins PT fuel system can be operated mechanically or with CENTRY electronics for precise engine fueling. Step Timing Control (STC) allows for smooth engine acceleration under load.
  • Complies with IMO Tier II emissions regulations. Certificates of compliance are available from the U.S. EPA and Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.
  • Keel cooled or engine mounted plate heat exchanger for reduced installation cost and less maintenance. Spin-on Cummins water treatment filters for protection against cooling system corrosion.
  • Dry exhaust manifold with water shielding for reduced fuel consumption and improved performance
  • Marine grade air filters with air inlet restriction indicator. Twin Cummins turbochargers optimized for marine usage

During this time, Cummins Inc. took the most active position in matters of compliance with these standards and became:

  • the first manufacturer to bring EPA Tier-2 and Tier-3 compliant products to market before the deadline;
  • the first manufacturer to introduce EU Stage IIIA diesel engines for generators in Europe;
  • a leader in innovative emissions solutions that focus primarily on cylinder bore design improvements that eliminate most nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and particulate matter before they form.

Chassisis manufactured from steel that has featuresand durability forcarrying burden of generatorset. Thanks to its rigid structural design and anti-vibration mounts, it reduces vibration level to minimum. All chass is contain lifting lugs. Apart from chass is esthatare produce by Dalgakiran, special solutions that design in accordance with customer desires, make transportation and positioning easier.