HMP Series

HMP model cooling towers, designed for larger capacities, are designed to provide optimum cooling. In HMP model towers, the air fan is placed at the top of the tower.
HMP model towers can be manufactured as two or more adjacent cells to meet the need. Body panels used in the tower construction, corner and middle legs, pool, tower top hat are made of CTP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) material and are resistant to corrosion and have a very long service life.
In HMP model cooling towers, the drive is made directly coupled. In the direct coupled system, direct motor or gearmotor is used, the motor is placed just above the fan. The reducer to be used; It is single-stage, helical butt-toothed, motorized and flanged.
In HMP model cooling towers, the fan shaft is made of hot-dip galvanized steel material. The motor or gearmotor is placed on this rigid structure.
The inner and outer surface of the tower; It is a “Gel-Coat” material colored with polyester-based pigments, resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and UV rays, does not fade, do not deteriorate, does not require aesthetics and paint. Dalgakiran aims to offer the highest quality, performance and long-lasting solutions for its customers under the most economical conditions with its own production HMP towers.


ModelWidht (mm)Lenght (mm)Height (mm)Water inlet height (mm)Water inlet-outlet diameter (mm)Basin height (mm)Fan diameter (mm)
HMP 5×51.5001.5003.2502.280110500900
HMP 7×71.9501.9503.6402.4801104501.200
HMP 7×92.1002.7003.8802.7301605251.500
HMP 8×82.4002.4004.1302.8701605301.500
HMP 9×92.7002.7004.2102.8701605251.500
HMP 8×122.4003.6004.1603.1101605251.800
HMP 9×122.7003.6004.3102.9501605401.800
HMP 12×123.6003.6004.5202.9501605902.000
HMP 12×143.6004.2005.0003.3002005902.000
HMP 14×144.2004.2005.0303.3502005902.400
HMP 14×164.2004.8005.3903.7002506002.750
HMP 16×164.8004.8005.3903.7002506002.750
HMP 16×184.8005.4005.6003.8202506503.200
HMP 18×185.4005.4005.6003.7802506503.200
ModelDry tower weight (kg)Working tower weight (kg)Nominal motor power (kW)40 / 30 / 24 °C35 / 30 / 25 °C
Water flow
Water flow
HMP 5×54201.8082,2300.00030200.00040
HMP 7×78503.0174770.00077450.00090
HMP 7×99854.2134970.00097575.000115
HMP 8×81.0504.9005,51.010.000101600.000120
HMP 9×91.1206.0365,51.250.000125775.000155
HMP 8×121.4506.801111.400.000140950.000190
HMP 9×121.6857.702111.650.0001651.025.000205
HMP 12×122.25510.895112.200.0002201.375.000275
HMP 12×142.62013.592152.800.0002801.550.000310
HMP 14×143.07015.864153.330.0003302.000.000400
HMP 14×163.57518.71518,54.000.0003302.350.000470
HMP 16×164.17021.09018,54.600.0004602.550.000510
HMP 16×184.59524.599225.100.005102.800.000560
HMP 18×185.06527.233225.850.005853.375.000635

General Information

  • Vinylester
  • Flame Retardant Polyester
  • PP Bigugi
  • PVC Film
  • PP Splash Type
  • PVC C Typev
  • PVC Cellular Type
  • Aluminum
  • Silent Fan
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