Dalgakiran EBHS Series

Dalgakiran EBHS water chillers are designed to outdoor installation and provide chilled water leaving temperatures which are given on capacity tables in our factory carrying out EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. The Units are supplied to ready for installation. All connections, oil and refrigerant charge and required tests are made in our factory. Our units are in conformity with health and safety requirements of following European Union directives and relevant hormonized standarts.


ModelEBHS 40.1EBHS 25.2EBHS 30.2EBHS 35.2EBHS 40.2EBHS 35.3EBHS 40.3EBHS 35.4EBHS 40.4EBHS 30.6EBHS 40.6
Nominal Capacity (1), (kW)123,4153.4201,4216,0246,8324,0370,2432,0493,6604,2740,4
Nominal Capacity (2), (kW)111,2138,2182,4194,6222,4291,9333,6389,2444,8547,2667,2
Nominal Power Input of the Comp. (1), (kW)26,032,743,245,852,068,778,091,6104,0129,6156,0
Nominal Power Input of the Comp. (2), (kW)31,239,151,655,262,482,893,6110,4124,8154,8187,2
Number of Compressors12222334466
Number of Independent Refrigerant Circuit11111112222
Number of Capacity Control12222334466
Number of Fans x Power Input (kW)2 x 1,82 x 1,84 x 1,84 x 1,84 x 1,84 x 1,86 x 1,88 x 1,88 x 1,88 x 1,812 x 1,8
Total Air Flowrate (m3/s)12,512,52525252537,550505075
Nominal Evaporator Water Flowrate (1), (m3/h)21,226,434,637,242,455,763,774,384,9103,9127,3
Nominal Evaporator Water Flowrate (2), (m3/h)19,123,831,433,538,350,257,466,976,594,1114,8
Refrigerant Charge (kg)2633394150677681104128148
Oil Charge (lt)5,310,610,610,610,615,915,921,221,231,831,8
Sound Pressure Level dB(A)5152555555565860606264
Operating Weight ~(kg)10801310168517051870217526503130351539855205

General Information

According to capacity hermetic scroll compressors are used between 1 and 6 pieces and compressors are used as single, tandem or trio each independent refrigerant circuit. Tandem and trio compressors are mounted on solid frame rail so vibration effect is prevented. Equal oil distribution is provided on compressors by using oil equalizing system.

Air cooled condensers are manufactured by collating special profile aluminium fins on copper tubes. Copper tubes are expanded special process in order to increase thermic conductivity between copper tubes and aluminium fins. By this means heat transfer reach to maximum level.

The high efficient axial fan which is directly coupled with the motor, noiseless bearing, balanced statically and dynamically is mounted on the device to provide the condensation of the refrigerant in the condenser.

Direct expansion evaporator is manufactured in Shell & Tube form and special high efficient copper tubes are fixed to steel tubesheet holes with tube expander method. It’s allowed to maintenance and clean up because of the removable tube bundle. Evaporators are in conformity with EN 14276-1 and EN 13445 standarts and designed for chilling water and glycol brines. External surface of evaporators and compressor suction lines are insulated with insulation material with suitable thickness.

The panel is designed to IP54. To operate the Unit automatically and securely, the panel is composed of two different section. The first section is power section and the other one is control section. The panel is equipped with enough number of contactors, thermics, fuses and on-off switchs. The panel and wiring are in conformity with EN 60204-1 standart. Required power supply is 3 ph – 400 Volt – 50 Hz.

Microprocessor control system is used on the Unit. By means of this; entering and leaving water temperatures, refrigerant pressures on the suction and discharge lines, occured superheat temperature of evaporator, operating times of compressors, all faults occured on the system and all alarm history can be seen on the digital screen and also capacity control can be made easily. Besides condenser fans are controlled automatically depending on the ambient temperature and the operating times of each compressor is balanced so optimum efficient operation of the Unit is provided.

To operate the Unit automatically and securely; electronic expansion valve, drier-filter, sight glass, relief valve, flow – switch, high – low pressure switch and shut – off valves are included.

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